meet your SeaWheeze trainers: blue

Last week we introduced you to Chris and Jenn from Austin, TX – this week we’re excited to introduce you to Blue Benadum from LA, who will join them as an Official SeaWheeze Trainer and lead you through the run training for SeaWheeze 2013!

Blue Benadum (twitter: @BlueBenadum, Instagram: blue_benadum)

Blue knows the SeaWheeze well - last year, he placed second overall! He is a pro marathon runner living in Los Angeles and one of our elite ambassadors. He spends most days leading his elite running team LASP in hard pursuit of the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials and also coaching and training LA running teams, groups and schools. He’s currently working on his first book "Find Your FAST! -The Pursuit of Speed, a Runner's Obsession."

q & a with blue

1. when did you start running? As soon as I could walk!

2. what was your first half marathon? The first half of the San Diego Rock n Roll Full Marathon in 2006.

3. what made last year's SeaWheeze so awesome? I love the beautiful course, the sunset yoga, the concert and of course all the beautiful girls in luon!

4. what's your favorite pre-run snack? Oatmeal.

5. favourite movie? Last of the Mohicans.

6. worst run story? I was demonstrating how to do a progressive speed sprint interval to my high school cross country students last year. At the fastest moment, the parking lot took a dip and...wipeout! I was able to roll up to my feet and shake it off but I couldn't run for two weeks. My hip hit really hard. The kids were laughing but a little concerned! ‘What NOT to do when sprinting’ by Blue Benadum.

7. best tip for finishing a race feeling good? The more training the better you will feel after you finish. That, plus good nutrition of course.

8. what's one goal you have for 2013? I really want to chip a few more minutes of my finishing time in a key marathon to set the stage for an Olympic Qualifier in 2014.

9. what inspires you? I am inspired by the pursuit of pushing boundaries. It is a beautiful thing because it is relative to each of us. Everyone has their own limitations and regardless of what they are, those of us that work to push beyond them, find that we have something in common.

We think you should know: Blue’s running team,, is part of a documentary where they will be aiming to set a 300 mile running speed record on March 29-30th from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with 4 guys and 2 girls. Talk about a BHAG!

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